When in India Tours 

When In India Tours (WII) 

We are an all women enterprise trying to make an endeavor to present the beauty of our extra ordinary country with our customised tours. Our tours are based on a unique concept and have been covered in various newspapers, TV channels and magazines. We are also included among ‘the top 50 trips of the world’ – Outlook Traveller.  We have also had the honor of having both the French and American Ambassador on our tours and many other guests from domestic and international organization like W.H.O., U.N.E.S.C.O., World Bank, U.N.D.P., Bill Gates Foundation and U.N., Microsoft, Google etc.


 - The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi launched a special package highlighting our Rickshaw tour  

  - The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi listed our tour in the 'Most recommended Oberoi Experiences' 

So come and discover the real India that you will not find in the guide books. With us, you get an insight into the history and heritage of India, discover the lifestyle and age old practices of the locals and see more in a few days that most see in months. Let our expert enthusiasts show you the cities from the local's perceptive and tell tales about places that would breathe life into the history of some of the greatest heritage cities in the world.