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Old City of Delhi

We offer various Tours of the Walled City of Old Delhi

Get transported 400 years back and glide through the narrow lanes of Old Delhi.  Witness the architectural marvels, the multicolored facades, beautifully decorated shops, ethnically dressed men and women and savor the delicacies from the potpourri of eateries that line these historical alleys. 

Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan ( 1592 - 1666) built the walled city of Delhi on the banks of holy River Yamuna.  It had a magnificent palace known as Red Fort, impressive mansions, enchanting bazaars, elegant shrines, royal gardens and fountains at every corner to romance ones' senses. Emperor's beloved daughter Jahanara designed a major street called Chandni Chowk, known as the 'Moonlit Square of India' in front of the Red Fort, with a canal running down the center and pools at major intersections reflecting the moonlight. 

During the British regime, the street underwent major changes and since then this area has witnessed some of the most important events in Indian history. Today these splendid ruins and tales of valor are a testimony of the evolution of the times.  This fascinating city truly reflects the national unity, secularism and diversity of India.

Our unique and exhilarating tours offer a complete experience and include visits to Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Spice Market, Wedding Market, Silver Bazaar, Town Hall, Old Mansions, various Religious Shrines and some Hidden Wonders.

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