Golden Triangle -

Delhi, Agra & Jaipur  

All Golden Triangle Tours are Private and Customized 

When in India Tours offers private and customized tours of India's most popular travel circuit, often referred to as The Golden Triangle. Comprising of the city of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, it gets its name from the triangle that these cities form. These cities offer a magnificent and inspiring introduction to the history, culture and diversity of Northern India and provide a unforgettable introduction to the country and its charms.

We cover:

The capital city of Delhi – often referred to as the city of extremes.  It offers bustling markets, magnificent world famous monuments, huge malls and has a colonial past. It's divided into two parts -- the historic city of Old Delhi built in 1600s and the orderly and well planned New Delhi.  Today, these exist side by side, but feel like they're worlds apart.

The historic city of Agra – located on the bank of river Yamuna, is home of India's most famous monument and one of the seven wonders of the world- the stunning Taj Mahal. The roots of this date as far back as 1000 BC and although the glory of Agra was at its peak during the mid-16th and 17th century, even today, it’s one of the most traveled cities in India.

The pink city of Jaipur - a desert city in the picturesque state of Rajasthan is India’s first planned city . It is an epitome of splendor and vitality with its impressive fortresses, imposing palaces, beautiful mansions and tranquil. It’s located in the heart of the Thar Desert and here the past comes alive in magnificent forts and palaces where once lived the maharajas or the kings.

On these tours, you explore these cities, that helped shape Indian history with your personal driver and a private guide. 

We offer different tour options and have various packages.  

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Major Attractions

In addition to the sites below, we have various other activities and cultural experiences to make your experience more holistic 

Delhi - Old City 

New Delhi